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19 August 2015

Johannesburg, South Africa

GeoIntelligence Africa conference and exhibition is scheduled on 19 August 2015 at Birchwood Hotel & O R Tambo Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference will bring together experts, professionals, users and geospatial industry solution providers in an environment conducive to sharing and learning. Protecting its frontiers and providing security to its citizens is a primary responsibility of the national governments of Africa. Regional cooperation between nations is a key factor in ensuring comprehensive security. Experts from various defence, police and government agencies of African countries utilising geospatial technologies will add to the value of the conference. Industry participants will showcase their latest solutions in the exhibition being organised concurrently.

Theme :-GeoIntelligence For Defence & Homeland Security.
Africa is characterised by a diverse security environment, with each country having its own set of problems. Overall the political situation is rather fragile, with nations facing economic crisis due to the effects of prolonged independence struggles, racial conflicts, insurgencies and terrorism. In addition there are challenges posed by piracy, narcotics, trafficking, violent extremism and organised crime. A stable, peaceful and militarily strong nation that can face these challenges is a prerequisite for economic development. Reliable and real time information is a critical requirement when carrying out military and internal security operations. Geointelligence, derived from the exploitation and analysis of geospatial information, is a key enabler for national defence and internal security. It is an amalgamation of all types of intelligence such as Location Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence, Communications Intelligence, Signal Intelligence and Human Intelligence. This intelligence is collected by a plethora of sensors based on a variety of platforms on ground and airborne, such as aircraft, UAVs and satellites. It also assists in law enforcement, crime prevention and criminal tracking and monitoring. It is a potent tool in disaster management, emergency response and relief and rescue operations. A galaxy of experts drawn from the armed and security force, research and development agencies and the geospatial industry will discuss the latest developments in the field and recommend adoption based on regional requirements. read more




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